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Clicking on the Search button will allow you to search for used text books other students have listed for sale. You can search on as many fields as you want. You can leave all fields blank to get a list of all the text books. If your search yields too many results to list on one page, you can use the Previous/Next links at the bottom to see more.

Click on the 'more' link next to a text book to find out more information or to make an offer on that book.

Make an Offer

Once you've found a text book that you'd like to buy, you can click the 'Make an Offer on this Book' button. This will allow you to send an email to the owner of the text book.

My Books

The My Books page is where you'll find every thing you need to sell your own books including 'Create/Edit Account', 'Log In/Out', 'Add/Edit/Delete Books'

Create Account

In order to sell your used text books, the first thing you must do is Create an Account. You can do this by clicking on the 'My Books' button.

The user name and password fields are required. Your password should be at least 4 characters but less than 25. A good password will be a combination of letters (upper and lower), numbers and special characters (!@#$...) and should be easy to remember but difficult to guess. It is best not to use the same password that you use for other important accounts.

The rest of the information is to help other students find you when they want to buy your used text books. Use the 'Other Information' field for things like cellphone/pager numbers, instant message names or anything else you think might be useful. You'll probably want to provide your email address, at the very least, as it is also used for other functions on the site such as the Automatic Password Retrieval.

If you check the box next to "Make my email address private", your email address will not be displayed to users on the Book Info pages but potential buyers can still contact you using the 'Make an Offer' function.

Log In

If you already have an account you can Log In by clicking the My Books button and entering you user name and password.

Add Text Books

You can add text books for sale by going to the My Books page. You must enter the ISBN of the book. The ISBN is a number that uniquely identifies the specific edition of a book and can usually be found on the back above the barcode. Providing this number makes it much easier for students to find the book they are looking for. If you can't find the ISBN or you have a course packet or other material without an ISBN, just enter 'N/A' in the ISBN field.

Entering as much info as possible makes it more likely that someone will find and buy your book. Under the Course Info section, you should enter the information based on the class you used the book for.

It is suggested that you ask 62.5% of the list price for your books. The reason for this is that the book stores generally buy back books at 50% and sell them at 75% so 62.5% saves money for both students. If you enter the list price in the "Price Auto-Calculator" it will calculate this percentage for you.

Edit Text Books

To edit a text book listing once it is in the system, go to the My Books page and click on the 'edit' link next to the book. Make your changes and click the 'Update this book' button.

Delete Text Books

To delete a text book listing, go to the My Books page and click on the 'del' link next to the book. You will be asked why you what to sell this book. Knowing this we are able to make the site better for students like you. If you didn't really want to delete this book, just hit back in your browser or navigate to another page. To delete the book, click on the 'Delete Book' button.

Edit Your Account Info

You can use this link under My Books to update your personal account and account information (password, email, name, etc).

Log Out

You should log out when you are done using the site. You can do this from the My Books page.

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