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This site provides a free service to sell or purchase second-hand textbooks from other students. It puts buyers and sellers in touch with each other. We don't stock books, take money or get any commission. You set the price, and if your book sells you receive that price.

When a buyer finds a book on this site, they can make contact with the seller via the seller's listed details. Alternatively, if the seller's email is marked as private, they can use this site to send an email to the seller.

The seller responds from their own email account and buyer and seller organise to transact. The seller will often give out their mobile number at this point.

As a seller, you direct the preferred method of transacting with the buyer. If you're not entirely comfortable, meeting in person - don't. Arrange with the buyer that you will post the books or meet during the day in a public place with a friend.

Help Out

You can help by promoting this service. The more people that are aware of it, the quicker your books will sell. There are numerous ways you can give some promotion for this site. You might just mention it to a friend or within an online bulletin board. Perhaps you're studying advertising and need a subject matter for your class project.

Alternatively, if you're posting your own notices around uni, why not use the following promotional flyers and hang them up at the same time. If you're really keen, you may wish to hand them out. Those lining up in queues are always likely candidates.

Feel free to use these promotional flyers. Be sure to trim along the dotted lines.

Remember, by making others aware of this book exchange, your potential buyers increase, and it provides you with a better chance to sell your books.


Any details submitted by you to this site are treated as confidential and will not be passed knowingly to any third parties. The information submitted by you may be removed at any time via the My Books section. Your email address will not be sold or given to anyone else.


Suffice to say a past student at Macquarie University. Funding comes from my own, worn out, hip pocket. However, I feel it will hopefully benefit the Macquarie University student community. It is designed to help students recoup past expenditure so they can afford more textbooks.

Contact Us

You can make contact for any feedback or problems via the contact form.


The code for this site was written and released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and was obtained from BookEX, the Book Exchange Code Project. Want to help improve the Macquarie Book Exchange? Check out the Open Source project.

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