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There are 20456 used textbooks available at the moment.

This uni book exchange is provided as a free service to the students of Macquarie University, Sydney. Whilst it is not officially sanctioned by the university, a need does exist for a service such as this. If you are a student selling your used books, advertise here for free and by-pass the middle-man.

Buying Secondhand Books

You are welcome to search the available books. If you find something that takes your fancy, this site can send an email to the seller and they can then get back in touch with you. If the seller has made their email private, their email address will not be displayed. However, you can still contact them using the 'Make an Offer' function.

Selling Your Old Uni Textbooks?

In order to sell textbooks, you must create an account. The user name and password fields are required.

When entering book details you must enter the ISBN number of the book. The ISBN is on the back above the barcode. If you can't find the ISBN or you have course notes or other material without an ISBN, just enter 'N/A' in the ISBN field.

Entering as much information as possible increases your chances that someone will find and buy your book. Under the Course Info section, you should enter the information based on the class you used the book for.

It is suggested that you ask 62.5% of the list price for your books. If you enter the list price in the "Price Auto-Calculator" it will calculate this percentage for you.

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